Creation of a WordPress website and an online store on WooCommerce

Creation of a WordPress website and an online store on WooCommerce

Website development and SEO optimization company from Moldova, Beltsy

It is impossible to develop a business in the modern world without a functional website. VADSTUDIO develops websites on the WordPress platform, as well as their promotion and technical support.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) today. More than half of all sites in the world are developed on it.

VADSTUDIO specialists offer WordPress clients as a universal solution for corporate websites, blogs and online stores:
• open licensed software allows you to freely use it for commercial purposes;
• unlimited possibilities for adaptation to any task and subject.

WordPress has a wide range of plugin options, including for e-commerce, for example, like WooCommerce. It adds functionality for online trading to the site: “Shop”, “Cart”, “Checkout” and “Payment for goods”.

A WordPress site is:
• a structure prepared for SEO promotion;
• flexible interface and functionality configuration;
• convenient and easy to use administrative panel.

These advantages allow you to combine modern design and wide functionality. VADSTUDIO specialists pay special attention to the merits of the client's company, as well as optimize the site and SEO promotion. 

Why do customers recommend
VADSTUDIO services?

VADSTUDIO's top priority is the development and dynamic growth of its customers' business. Developing each new project, we delve into the client's business, study the target audience, competitive characteristics of the product, and define tasks. When making a commercial offer for a client, they are aimed at business growth.

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