Landing page creation without administration panel

Landing page creation without administration panel

Website development and SEO optimization company from Moldova, Beltsy

A landing page is a single page designed in a specific structure, where each element works for the main task - to encourage an action to be taken.
VADSTUDIO aims for a high conversion of the landing page.

For this, a marketer, SEO specialist and copywriter are involved in the project.
Particular attention is paid to the clear presentation of information and easy-to-read design.

How a one-pager is implemented in VADSTUDIO:
• Analysis of the project, study of the target audience;
• Development of a selling page structure, taking into account marketing tasks;
• Search for the implementation of interactive design;
• Adaptive layout for various devices;
• Testing of the landing;
• Connecting analytics tools.

The development of a landing page will not take much time and will not require significant investments like, for example, a large website. If the customer has the necessary materials for filling, the VADSTUDIO team will launch the landing page in just 2-3 days.

The landing page allows to the client quickly solve some of the tasks when launching a new business or holding a large-scale promotion.

In the Premium package, the client receives a complex service - a working resource with SEO promotion. This means that the site will be registered in Google services, and promotion in social networks will be debugged. 

Why do customers recommend
VADSTUDIO services?

VADSTUDIO's top priority is the development and dynamic growth of its customers' business. Developing each new project, we delve into the client's business, study the target audience, competitive characteristics of the product, and define tasks. When making a commercial offer for a client, they are aimed at business growth.

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