Setting up and monitoring web analytics

Setting up and monitoring web analytics of the site

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Web analytics is the key to the successful development of any resource, without which it is impossible to establish the effective operation of online business processes. Site performance and constant monitoring of their dynamics is the key point for any SEO work to improve the position of the site in search results, increase sales and increase traffic in general.

Monitoring statistics allows you to identify points of potential growth of the site, as well as build cause-and-effect relationships of processes and predict further development.

Registering a site in web analytics services gives a clear picture of statistics, summing up the basis for further marketing decisions.
VADSTUDIO offers clients the service of linking and sending site statistics and monitoring Google Analytics.

VADSTUDIO experts believe that it is most effective to use several services, then based on a larger amount of data, more accurate forecasts and conclusions can be made.

The most informative services for collecting statistics:
• Google Analytics 4;
• Google Search Console;
• Bing webmaster;
• Facebook Pixel.

Monitoring statistics in Google allows marketers to build a development strategy more accurately and correct the existing situation.
Google Search Console is a tool that informs about how a resource is presented in search results. Registration in the service allows you to improve the interaction of the site with users, effectively optimize the content and eliminate possible errors.

Google Search Console features:
• help Google crawlers to index the site;
• re-indexing request after content update;
• assessment of traffic to the site from Google search;
• detection of problems with indexing;
• information about sites that link to the site; 

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